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Performing Arts

We provide much needed preparation, resources and creative ideas for up-and-coming artists, such as Models, Singers, Actors, Dancers, Poets, and Stand-up Comedians.

We offer performing arts classes, rehearsals, and showcase opportunities, which will help young and upcoming performers to gain knowledge, experience, and take their skills and projects to the next level in this competitive entertainment industry.

We receive and promote creative content from upcoming performing artists. i.e. MUSIC DEMOS, STAGE PLAYS, POEMS, MONOLOGUES, MAGICAL ACTS, VIDEO CLIPS that inspires and entertains while strictly adhering to the strategy and intention of the upcoming artists.

Life n Style Music
Music Records & Production
We have skilled instructors, writers, directors, producers, and equipment operators for music recording; To capture the sound of the moment, for mixing & mastering, bringing everything together and delivering something outstanding on both a creative and technical level. We experience as well as access to other additional music artists, such as DJs, and Producers in the industry.
Life n Style-TV
TV Casting & Modeling
We need flexible, attractive, and potential individuals to be part of our Casting and Modeling Crew for TV Commercials, TV Extra, Music Videos, Photo-Shoots, and Fashion Shows, with no experience required, because we provide theory and practical training while we organize audition for all our cast members to be assessed by big production companies for part-time and/or permanent modeling positions and acting roles.
Stage Plays & Theatre
We have collaborative theatre group for live-stage performances, such as Musical Drama, Dance, Poetry, and Comedy. Our Theatre group is groomed to present the experience of a real and imagined event before a live stage audience in various places across the country and abroad.

Events Hosting

Hostesses & Promoters
We are looking for new talents and hardworking individuals to bring more diversity to our exciting small business. We offer Part-time and Weekend Short Training, and Job Opportunities in Hospitality, Entertainment, Customer Service.
Waiters & Bartenders
Applicants must be friendly, with good customer-service and communication skills. They must be able to travel to different locations for events and promotions.

Anyone can be part of this program. Join our family, apply now!

 Send your details: Name, Gender, Age, Residence, Phone Number, Position (e.g. WAITER / HOSTESS / ARTISTS)

Send your Details and attach your CV & ID Copy to careers@lifenstyle.co.za We will contact you to visit us for Assessment.

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