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We Bring Life and Style to the Public

Fashion and Beauty
Our services and solutions are customized to meet the needs of each client, and delivered in a manner that reflects their characteristics and are consistent with their business or project philosophy. We like to believe we are the right partner to help small businesses sustain themselves to their new audiences, and it is that belief that makes us strive to be exceptional at something we are deeply passionate about.
We flourish in creativity and originality. Our design styles are modern with unique African traditional creative touches; but we adapt to our clients’ needs and preferences. We also give guidance where necessary. Our clients are always in good hands with us as their representatives and service providers.
Our Services
We like to believe we are the right partner to help local businesses sustain themselves to their new audiences, and it is that belief that makes us strive to be exceptional at something we are deeply passionate about.
Our Assignment is to Bring Life and Style to the Public. We aim to be one of the Leading Service Providers in Africa by Delivering Straightforward, Creative thinking for all of our Clients. We are doing this by systematizing, and providing exceptional and essential business services.
The Company was founded and registered in 2012, operated as Mentor Media. The Business name was later changed in 2020, and is now operating as Life n Style AFRICA
Our intention is to become the source of gratification for local and Continental populace.

We are a Great Combination of Enormous Organizers, Producers, and Designers who are Passionate about the African Culture.

Events Hosting & Promotions


Weddings & Anniversaries

Dinner Parties & Family Reunions

Corporate Events & Conferences

Our Organizers have skills and are qualified to create and develop large-scale events such as festivals, conferences, ceremonies, weddings, formal parties, concerts, or conventions. They study the project or brand, identify its target audience, devise the event concept, and organize the technical aspects before actually launching the event.


Expo & Exhibitions

Grand Opening &

Campaign & Productions

We understand the importance of stunning food and faultless decoration when you need to impress your guests and customers, and we are here to help and execute the presentation for your occasion with sensitivity. We Hire-Out Promoters, Campaign Facilities and Advertising Equipment.
Our talented and passionate set-up team is always on hand to create fabulous draping and decoration. We supply Catering Equipment, such as cutlery (tablespoons, forks, knives), crockery (dinner plates, side plates, sources) glasses, (highballs, wines, champagnes), chafing dishes, and accessories.


New year's Eve Party

Heritage Celebration

Christmas Dinner

Arts & Entertainment


  • Music Lyrics & Vocals
  • Song Recording & Filing
  • Instrument / Bits Creation
  • Mixing & Mastering
  • Designing & Packaging
  • Distribution, Tours & Promos


  • Monologues/ Dialogues
  • Drama/ Stage Plays
  • Choreography/ Dance
  • Poetry Shows
  • Magical Acts /Fictional
  • Stand-Up Comedy

TV Casting

  • TV Extras & Auditions
  • Local Short Films
  • Talk Shows Presenting
  • TV Documentary & Reality
  • Music Videos & Commercials
  • Modeling Cast & Photo Shoot

Designing & Branding

Life n Style WebDesign
We Specialize in Logo Designing, Flyer Designing,  Company Registration, Profile Designing, Posters & Banner Designing, Website Developing, Online Shopping and Digital Advertising.
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Life n Style FashionBeauty
We offer Hairstyle and Makeup Treatments at reasonable costs. Our beauty styles & cosmetics are unique and fashionable, with African sensitivity that suits all ages and skin types.
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Our Clothing Designs are influenced by African Cultural and Modern Social Outlooks. Our products includes Jeans/ Khakis, Smart/ Formal Wear, Sweaters, Active Wear, Leather Shoes, etc.
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Transport & Accommodation


Documents, Stationery, Groceries, Food & Beverages, Cosmetics, Fashion & Beauty
Special Occasions, Business Trips, Holiday Trips, Students & Staff Transport
Overnight Stay, Short-time Rest, Self-Catering, Bar-Service, Luggage Storage
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